hey guys! We are already three months into the new year and now would be the perfect time for a little check up. This article is a walkthrough of how I establish where I am right now and how I make changes to keep the year going strong.


Its been a while since the beginning of the year where you made resolutions to make your self a better person. Take some time to see where you are at by cleaning up a little bit and clearing your mind. Life can be stressful try taking a bath, baking, Netflix, going for a walk, skin care, you could even take a nap.
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If you wrote down goals for 2018 go back a look at them. See if you have been meeting your expectations and if you don't make new goals or journal about why you haven't. Open up your thoughts and feelings, get to the root of what has been holding you back. Meditate or just lay around and think for a while. Reflection is a process to take all the time you need.
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new beginnings

Now that you have found the source of some problems you've been having and reflected on the year so far make some goals! Write down goals that you have for yourself and the steps you need to complete them. It can be hard to find the motivation to make some collections on WeHeart It that will inspire you. If it is necessary cut out the things that are making you unhappy/unsuccessful, that could be a person, habit, or fear.
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This is my favorite part. Through this whole process, you have taken some of the first steps to a better you and discovering who you really are. Take a deep breath of fresh air. With new eyes look outside and take in everything that brings you joy. Slow down and truly appreciate it. The world is beautiful, deepen your connection with it and the people around you.
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thats all thanks for reading! If you ever need anything you can message me. Thanks for 300!!
- madi