As you can see this is my first article in,,,() we heart it() and i am very excited about it because it is something that I've been wanting to do a long time ago,This is my first time writing an article in English too so i am very sorry if my grammar is not that good,but anyway,let me tell you why i am so happy to be here telling you this.

i am trying to reach my goals,to be what i want to be, to stop caring about what people is going to say about me, and this is one way to let go my fears.Some day i want to live in Europe and I've been learning this language all by myself , for now i do not have the opportunity to practice with someone who knows the language perfectly, so i think this is a good way to start.

if you are in a situation like mine or you are just afraid to do something that you want because you dont want the others to laugh of you,let me tell you that you are doing wrong ,this is your life and it's too short to be wasting time thinking about what the other people is going to think ,i know it is hard, but you have to try,you have to be happy and the only way is doing the things that makes you feel alive and the things that makes you want to make this place a better place

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thank you so much for reading this,and i hope this helped you in someway .