Hello everyone!
As you may know, I really like The 100 and my favorite characters are Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin and, of course, I ship them! They're my ultimate OTP and I've been waiting for them to be together since season 1!
Anyway, as the obsessed shipper that I am, I have a whole Spotify playlist for them and here are five songs that remind me of Bellarke.

girl, photography, and blonde image quotes, love, and fight image love, couple, and kiss image black, black hair, and man image
together; bellamy & clarke (spotify playlist)

apollo; timebelle

give it time and we will grow
ain't no fun in easy.

3:00AM; finding hope

i can't help but think of what we could be
and baby if i could tell you...

fools; lauren aquilina

i want you more than i've wanted anyone
isn't that dangerous?

surrender; natalie taylor

we let the waters rise, we drifted to survive
i needed you to stay but I let you drift away.

compass; zella day

compass points your home calling out from the east
compass points you anywhere closer to me

See you soon for part II!