Hello lovely people of WHI! I hope you're all having and amazing day :)

I've seen a lot of hearters doing this "my name in cities" kind of articles, so I wanted to do it too because it looks fun and cute♡

Let's start!

  • N
city, new york, and sky image city, new york, and photography image Temporarily removed city, light, and bridge image
New York City, USA
  • A
autumn, city, and amsterdam image Temporarily removed city, amsterdam, and travel image Image removed

Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • D
Temporarily removed aesthetic, amazing, and architecture image Image removed photography, city, and landscape image
Dublin, Ireland
  • I
architecture, beach, and city image city, coast, and ibiza image ibiza, tourist, and travel image Temporarily removed
Ibiza, Spain
  • A
city, lights, and acapulco image beautiful, breeze, and clouds image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Acapulco, Mexico