It has been a year since the first episode of 13 Reasons Why was released. I will make an article especially for this powerful and special series for me. Can`t wait for season 2!

To begin, I`m grateful to the beautiful Selena Gomez and her mother, Mady Teefey. They come with the idea to turn the book into a great and compassionate serie.

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Just as sad, beautiful and catchy as the serie are also the quotes from it. It`s hard to imagine that this was really someone`s story, Hannah`s story.

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People who haven`t good understand why exactly this serie made, do wrong things after watching. They doesn`t only hurt themselves but also the people around them, even if thery think they haven`t, but believe me there will always be someone crying about you.

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- Andjeli. R

( In the past I have also made a similar article with the inspiration from 13 Reasons Why: I didn`t want to go there, but my feet brought me to that terrible place. )