Hollo people!I'm back whit a look book for spring . I'm so freaking excited for this article soo let's get started bitches.
Outfit #1

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I wish that was me...

First of all you need to be confy in your own clothts so a pair of vans old skool or sk8 with boyfriend jeans , a undershirt or a t-shirt and a cardigan
is an perfect outfit for a walk in city or a fotoshoot

Outfit #2

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This outfit is perfect for a walk out or shopping in mall . A simple oversize shirt with a cute black skirt, black soks to the knees and of course some sneakers

Outfit #3

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I think i go crazy with vans...but whatever. There is a vintage outfit I'm dieing with thats light maroon jeans and a simple t-shirt
I said and I say once again this outfit give you a vintage air

Outfit #4

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I love vintage glasses ... It give you a fanchy look. A crop top with boyfriend jeans , a pair of converse and a demin jacket

Outfit #5

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Finally a outfit without converse and vans ...This outfit is so VOGUE and I 'm serious with this, just look... knees boots ,black dress like a oversize t-shirt and leter jacket ... I like to say at this outfit "all black like my soul" ;)

It was pretty fun to make this article and i've read enough articles like this and i've dicededto do this so i hope you like it and see ya next time