This is coming from my other article Avengers in Church This is in the Catholic experience so if you are not Catholic please read this in the terms of your services.
So, basically, we've got Wu, Garmadon, and Misako, listening to the readings and going like 'what the Hutt?' because it's Genesis and God creating the world and it makes no sense. And the ninja are all doing this to some degree.
Then you've got Jay and Cole arguing through the whole thing. Cole is mortified by the singing and tries to leave everytime they sing, but that fails.
Kai is messing with his hair, and he just grabs out some hairspray, and someone behind him is really pissed off. Nya is trying to get everyone to behave but is also wondering how the mics work, and how these altar servers are so good.
Zane is running scans on everyone in the room, and talking back and forth with Pixel, trying to get information about this ceremony. Are there villains here, what's going on? That sort of thing. Lloyd is watching, but also scratching at his suit cause he doesn't want to be in a suit.
Garmadon is taking this news that his dad didn't create the world better than Wu. He's just sitting there like 'when can I get out of here' and Wu's like having a full out panic attack like 'Father what is going on here? Didn't you create Ninjago? What is this lie? Everything I knew is false.'
And Misako is just like writing this all down for research.