1)-Breaking Bad-Jesse Pinkman

breaking bad, gif, and series image breaking bad, gif, and handsome image

2)-Orange Is The New Black-Galina Reznikov (Red)

Logo, orange is the new black, and netflix image gif, prison, and red image

3)-American Horror Story-Sister Jude

asylum, coven, and psychopath image american, black and white, and Jude image

4)-El Marginal-Diosito

Image removed argentina, ficcion, and el marginal image


Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image removed


gif, intro, and skins image skins image

7)-Narcos-Pablo Escobar

Temporarily removed drug, pablo, and sky image

8)-Mindhunter-Holden Ford and Ed

Image removed gif, edmund kemper, and mindhunter image

9)-Rick n Morty-Rick Sanchez

black, plain, and rick image gif image

10)-Merí-Joan Capdevila

school image joan, show, and merlí image

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