After releasing their new EP "Invitation" including with 4 other songs, The Why Don't We boys are going back on tour and not only in the U.S., they added Europe and are almost sold out in their tour.

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February 1st is when their new song "Trust Fund Baby" and taken by surprise from the rhythm. Instead of hearing a soft tone from the guitar in the middle of the street, it started with a bang while Daniel is rushing.

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While Daniel hurries to pick up Jonah who is waiting for him and almost late for school. Daniel arrives and during the drive, he gets up a flat tire and close to being late. Ends up getting help from a girl that happens to know how to repair a tire. Gives her a ride and thanks her while Daniel does quick glances at her before going their separate ways. And Zach bumps into a girl but instead of getting her name, his friends got to him before he could even respond to her.

music video, official, and trust fund baby image music video, official, and trust fund baby image

While at school, Jonah gets beaten from a girl with a strong arm at practice. Speaking of getting beaten, Jack gets beaten by a girl at lacrosse practice. And lastly, Corbyn is in class trying to figure out the equation of the girl that has his heart (obviously Christina) and gets ask to prom from a robot that someone made and knows who.

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After school, they go to Daniel’s car to go to the skate park and hang out and get food from the food truck. While the others are chillin, Jack meets a girl that can skateboard a little bit better than him and both started to skate and while she falls, she kept going. And Zach is the black room for photography with his crush and being confused on what to do, she helps him with his photos and gives him a kiss on the cheek and leaves.

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music video, official, and trust fund baby image

At the ending, they meet up and sees a group of girls dancing to their song while they sing their last part. After the song ends, they all go. The song is mostly about wanting a girl that’s old fashioned and independent and never wanted to be someone else. And isn’t spoiled much like most girls in the world today.

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