Firstly, I know some may think I'm going to talk about religion and stuff and instantly be put off. But read the whole article before coming to that conclusion. I'm not making you join any religion. The reason I'm writing this is to help you, so you come out of all the lies, pain and depression. And there is a lot to take in here, so take it slowly when reading this. You literally may feel a little dizzy because of all the knowledge, just take it slowly. And if you have any worries, fears and need a little clarity on what I wrote you can always message me. All I want is for you all to feel the love that is there. :)

And if you do not believe in god then that may be because of all the restrictions and 'rules' people have made up, all the fear people have put on you. Making you think god will hurt or punish you, this is a lie, read this article for the sake of your health and happiness.
Another reason for people not believing in God is that they just think they live this one life and that's it. They explain everything through only scientific facts and things they can only see with their eyes. I have even heard people say they do not believe in God but when something goes wrong they instantly blame God (because deep down they know god exist).

Learn what God really is before rejecting it. Not believing in god will cause you to have a blocked crown chakra.

A blocked crown chakra leads to :

  • Frequent migraines, headaches
  • Stress Related Problems
  • Sleep disorder, insomnia
  • Nervous Breakdowns
  • Depression arising from emptiness

Not believing in god, is rejecting your true self, as you continue to read this article you will understand why. That's why you may feel alone, like you do not truly enjoy your life, like something is missing. It's time for you to be happy now, get yourself out of that unhappiness.

Religion and Misconceptions

It doesn't matter what religion you belong to, all religion eventually leads to God.
Ok all religion stem from one thing God is good.
But as time goes by there has been many teachings and people have added in their own views and fear along with the real teachings of God.
For instance, in Christianity, they say that if you have sex before marriage then you have committed a sin.
Or in Hinduism, where they believe if you get a divorce that is looked down upon because you took a vow to God to stay in this marriage / relationship.

God in different forms

Throughout the centuries 'God' has been given many forms wether that be through the many various gods and deities like Ganesh, Shiva, Jesus and Buddhas etc.

All these deities and 'gods' are actually enlightened beings who have lived on earth. Whilst living on earth, they remembered their true purpose and were able to reach enlightenment.
And reaching enlightenment is not an easy thing. When we were born on earth we went through amnesia and had to forget everything in order to learn the things we came here to learn.
And it's easy to forget who you really are, from a young age, you listen to what your parents tell you, then as you get older, you listen to teachers, friends and others. What about the real you inside? Do you listen to that voice?
It's easy to forget and be caught with everything else, going to school, going to do jobs, get married etc. Just following the crowd.

But these enlightened beings, listened to their inner voice, and they went against the crowd. They believed in themselves and passed the test of life here on earth. Earning them the title of guides, deities and even God.

If you look at all the religions, no matter who whether it is Buddha, Shiva or Jesus. The core message of their enlightenment is always, always Love

What really is God/The Divine/ The creator?

Here I am not talking about the deities and enlightened beings, here I am talking about the creator. I could say they are two different things but in reality they are not but for the sake of explaining it, let's first say they are not.

The Creator/God, himself/herself is literally this massive energy of the highest and purest of love and light. The creator is the start of it all, he/she created the whole universe, multiverse. There's absolutely no coincidence, mistake or accidents. Everything is perfectly and divinely made, at the right time. Including you. This is why when you think negatively about yourself you get further away from god because you are denying the love that you are. He/she created everything with the energy called 'Love and Light'. Your whole existence is made of love and light, all existence is made of love and light. This is the biggest truth there is.

Now, you may look around and think if everything is made of love and light then why are there so many 'bad' people in this world. Remember what I just said? The more you think negatively and give in to the ego (anger, hate, fear,negativity) you move further away from god. These people have forgotten completely who they are, they have forgotten they are love, they gave in to the illusion.

Now what do I mean by illusion? Earth is a school for the soul. So everyone who chooses to come to earth, came here for soul growth. As we go through soul growth, the more we are filled with love (our very existence) and light (knowledge). The more love and light we are, the closer we are to god.
But how do we learn to grow here as a soul?
Like I said Earth is a school, we came here for the test, and through this test we will be presented with many 'problems' and situations in which we must pass, each time we learn and pass each little test we move closer to the main 'question'. Whether you have it, to reach your own enlightenment? In fact all these question lead to enlightenment.
So what exactly are these problems and situations and what is the illusion? The Answer is the EGO. The ego is everything that is not of love and light, which is fear, guilt, anger, hatred, everything negative.
The simplest way I can explain life is through a movie, imagine you got to play a part in this movie, you were told about what character to play, how to interact with others and how the story goes But at the end of the day it's only a movie it's not real, at the end you go back home to your true self. This is what this life on earth is. This is why this is all an illusion, and do not panic and think nothing is real, the thing that is real is love, it is the love, happiness and peace. Once you understand everything is an illusion, you understand you can play whatever you role you want in this movie, you can change the scenes you can change what your personality is, you can change what people your character meet etc. That's why you can manifest whatever you want, that's the gift that god gave you, the gift to create whatever life you want. But in order to do that you have to learn to reach enlightenment, only then you will have the knowledge and responsibility to create the ideal life for you. Because right now it can be dangerous if you have these powers.

For example,
If you somehow you convinced yourself that I have to be unhappy to get what I want, then even after you get what you want, you will still be unhappy. Because you didn't follow the path or happiness, you took the unhappy one, if you take the unhappy path of course you will end up in an unhappy place. That's why your heart and happiness should always be your compass in life.

So every time you are presented to a situation that is not of love and light, ask yourselves what is it that you need to learn here? Because everything is a learning experience.
If you give in into the EGO, you may not be able to move to the next stage. If you are struggling, let love be your guide.

Misconception of God continued

Speaking of guide, this is what the enlightened beings are here to teach us all, to choose love in every situation in our life. They know how hard it is because they have lived it and conquered it.
See Jesus is not here to judge whether you had sex before marriage, Shiva and other deities are not here to judge or punish you. They are only here to guide you in the right direction of love.

The biggest misconception I see is that god will punish us if we do 'bad' things!

God does not punish anyone! Like I said before God is love and light, it knows not of anything else but love, he/she has nothing but the purest of love for you. Whoever you may be, you may be a killer and god will still love you like he/she loves everyone else. That's why he send us the help of the angels to help us, because sometime he/she cannot understand this pain we put ourselves through, he/she only knows of love.
Where is god? The answer to this is quite complex, you can say god is in the highest dimension there is but at the same time, god lives inside every single of his/her creation, wherever you go in the multiverse, there is god.

The only person that punishes you is you yourself. When you think negatively, when you feel guilt and when you are not in love and light.
That's why I say Love Heals Everything. Loving yourself and others unconditionally is all God wants.

God always forgives and loves. But like here on earth, there's the law. God created the law of attraction, which states 'whatever you put out into the world, you yourself shall receive'. If you are thinking positively, for e.g. you believe you are loved by the universe, then you are going to create this reality. That is god's gift. But with power comes great responsibility.
It also means if you put your thoughts and action on hatred and negativity, you are going to be attracting this for yourself. So every time someone angers you, be careful of your thoughts and words, if you are sending anger out, that anger will come back to you. You are responsible for it, no one punishes you, only you do that to yourselves. If you think, 'No one loves me', you created this yourself, with your thought.

Notice I said he/she every time I talk about god. God is energy, there's no body. But at the same time he/she is made up of both feminine and masculine energy. She is she, he is he. Just like you and me are made up with our masculine and feminine energies.

Misconception of God and Sex

I really want to talk about the misconception related to sex. Somehow in pretty much all the religion for some weird reason sex and sexual things are looked down upon. Till this day I really don't understand it.
I mean God created your body, every single part of you, he created you with great love and care, every part of you was created for specific reasons. Your stomach, for churning food; your brain, to control everything and the heart for sending love energy and blood around the body. And of course your female/male parts for excretion of toxins but also for sexual pleasures. It's a normal function, we have all heard of the different chakra, the first two chakras are in charge of sexual needs. Like you need food for energy, sexual need is also a necessity for your health.
For generations, this has been passed down that sexual desires are a sin, No they are not! They are part of your existence, they are made from love.
In fact, the moment you put that into your thought system that sex is something to be ashamed of, you are putting guilt on yourself, and then what happens? That's right! You are pushing God away, you let ego and guilt take over.
That's why there's so many people who have problems like infertility, sexual dysfunction and even an inability to truly enjoy life and their body. You are rejecting your beautiful bodies, and that indeed is very sad, rejecting your body is rejecting god.

Just understand, the only sin you can make is by harming others and yourself, because it will always come back to you. In fact I don't even like the word sin, what the heck is sin? You are here to learn, and sometime even the 'mistakes' are part of the learning process. Only if you continue to let the 'mistakes' escalate and let the ego take hold of you completely then you will have to repeat it all again. It's like if you are taking a test in the 7th grade if you fail it, you stay in that grade and re do it, you don't get to move up to the 8th grade. In the same way, your soul hasn't learned what it needed to learn and you have to keep redoing it until you finally learn.

So please stop thinking God is waiting there at the end of your life to judge and hate you, there's no such thing. Even when I was younger I knew deep inside God loved me no matter what, and it really made me upset when people blamed god for everything bad, when he/she is the reason for everything good.

God and You as God

Okay before I talked about the enlightened beings like Jesus, Buddha etc. I mentioned God as being separated from the enlightened beings just so I can explain things.
But in reality, there's no separation from God, those who have reached enlightenment, passed the test of life, which involved forgetting they who are, to take these tests to find their way back to the love and light which is God.
It doesn't mean you have to reach enlightenment to be one with god, it means you have to come to the realisation that you are one with god to become enlightened.

In my past article I talked all about the heart (link below). It explained why getting out of the mind and getting back into the heart is important. The heart is where the love resides, it's where the soul is.

What is the soul?

I always advice to listen to the soul and higher self. We have heard people say 'We are all Gods'. Now, this is not a sign of mania or a mental problem. This is the truth.
Our God self is the soul. We all know the brain is powerful because it helps us create and manifest what we want in life. But the soul is more powerful, it's the only part of you that has continued to live on when you die, it has access to most of the knowledge of the whole universe, your past lives and more. It's your access to God. Why? Because it is that part of you that is always connected to god.

The simplest way I can explain this is through your parents. When you are born from your parents, you take on both of their DNA, their DNA run through your veins. It's the same with God. God created you, God passed down his/her love and light to you, which is your soul. No one can destroy this love and light inside you. It's the most beautiful and powerful thing.

But! If you let the illusion of the EGO take over you, you start to ignore the voice of your soul, you forget what love is, how to love yourself, how to love others, stop seeing the beauty of everything etc.

Every plant, every weed, every animal, every insect and every human, no matter how evil still have a soul. Everything in the whole universe and multiverse is god. Thus, every one is God. God is in all of us. There's no such thing as God doesn't listen or love me, God is literally you. If you feel god doesn't love you, love yourself first. Then you will feel how god's love has always been with you from the beginning. You can literally find god's love everywhere, when some one offers help, when someone sincerely says they care and love you. When you go out in nature and feel at peace, that is God's love. The earth also has a soul, that soul is also God.

It's this love that connects all of us. That's why God always say to love your brothers and sisters, because no one is a stranger, we are all from God, we are all related, we are all one. That's why nowadays, everyone feels lonely and so disconnected, they are connected by social media but not at soul level. That's why you feel so lonely even if you are surrounded by people. Once we choose to see the love in our hearts and other's hearts, that's how we can truly be one with everyone, one with God. That's how we restore peace and love back on earth.

So remember every time you do hurt, judge and curse at someone, you are hurting yourself.
That why people say, 'people are your mirrors' because they are you. They are here in form of a test, to help you reach your enlightenment.

We all experience problems with our family, friends and with our love partners. All these 'problems' are here to teach you something. So every time you are confronted with a problem or argument, don't curse. Just come away from it, get angry in a healthy way, Scream if you need to but be careful of your words. Once you let that anger, upset and sadness out, then sit down and really talk to yourself, to your soul and higher self and ask yourself why did this just happen? Really think about it, sometimes the answer may not come right away, it may take days, months even, but just trust in your hearts.

For e.g. if you judge people a lot, you will notice, people may judge you a lot. If you feel guilty for everything, people will come into your life who will make you feel more guilty.
These people come to you, so you are aware of your thoughts so you can change them. There's no one to blame, they are here to help you. I know it can be hard, but they are only showing you what is really inside of you, so you can bring it back to the original state of love and light which you truly are.


I know every time I talk about enlightenment some may imagine that guy that sits there and meditate for decades or something. It doesn't mean you have to leave everything and join the monks or something. It means following your heart, doing the things that truly makes you happy, not for your parents or anyone else but for you.
Why should you reach enlightenment?
Because that is your true purpose on earth. You had to forget God to remember God. (I know you may think what's the point, but it's not the start and end result, it's the process in between)

Once you follow your heart, your heart will naturally guide you towards your true path and towards your purpose. Enlightenment is literally you embracing the love and light that is already inside of you, once you bring that out from inside you, this does not only heal you and your life but also people around you. That's why all these guides, Jesus, Buddha etc. had followers because the people felt their love. This is the kind of unconditional love that heals and changes the world.
It doesn't matter what you inspire to be whether it being a musician, through your music you will heal the world, through your art, you will bring back the beauty of everything love. Even those who write smut, fanfics etc, lol you know who you are, you are helping people be more comfortable with their sexual desires, you are helping them create, through their imagination. It doesn't matter what job you may have, you can heal the world and reach enlightenment if you are doing whatever you are doing with joy and love. People will see your love and passion and be inspired by that, that's how we change the world.
An easy way to explain that is through beings that constantly live in the space of love. These being meaning, babies, baby animals, animals, plants, we all look at those baby animals videos and go aww or it just makes us happy, that is how they spread their love. They don't try to be love, they know they are love.

It doesn't matter how old you are, young or old. It doesn't matter if you did things in the past that you are not proud of, it's in the past now, let it go. God never judges, or cares for those things, God only sees the good. The now is what's important.
It is never too late! If you are still on earth, it means you still have time. I heard people say oh but I'm too old now, NO, as long as you are still alive, you have all the time in the world.

Now is the time to get yourself out of all the fear, guilt, pain and hurt and negativity!

Know that God loves you more than you can imagine!

How to connect to God / The creator / The Divine

Through the Guides / Enlightened Beings / The Masters

They are not called masters for nothing. They literally mastered the art of living on earth. They achieved what they came to do, they aced the test of life.
It doesn't matter what religion you are, whatever masters you feel more comfortable with, that's your guide. If you are hindu, you feel more comfortable with Jesus then call on to Jesus and visa versa. Never feel guilty about these things, the guides are wonderful, they just have so much love for everyone, they know how hard living on earth can be and they offer their expertise on how to pass this test of life. And more importantly, they offer their purest of love to you. So ask away (^_^). There are literally hundreds and thousands and more guides and masters out there. Do some research and see where it takes you. If you are attracted to Egyptian time, then do some research on the egyptian Gods and ask them for help. If you do not know, get in touch with your heart, see the things that make you happy and go in that direction.

Talk to God

Get into the habit of talking to God. Tell her/him about your day, thank him/her for all the good she/he sent in your life. Ask for help.

Angels and Archangels

If you still don't know what gods, and guides to call. Then Angels are also a wonderful choice. I personally feel more comfortable with the angels. All the information on the angels are here:


Go out into nature. Mother Earth is your guide, she will always guide you, why do you think most things in nature is green, green is the colour for the heart chakra, she will automatically heal your heart for you. Thank her and love her as she loves you.
Let the plants feed your hearts with the purest of love and let the waves of the water wash away all your fears and worries.


What does God do? He/She creates, he/she created you, all planets, universe and multiverse.
So when you create, you do what God does, you are doing what your god self was made to do. To create the most beautiful and wonderful of things.
Whether that may be drawing/painting, designing, sewing, singing, playing instruments, writing, even finding new ways of doing things at work, at school, home.
Even you sitting and just daydreaming is connecting to god, just make sure it's not negative so you don't accidentally manifest it in your life.
As long as you are putting your intention and energy into something you love, in that moment you are one with God.

Living in the Now

We talked a lot about the illusion which is the EGO, now, time is also an illusion, it is a void. Have you noticed a lot of your worries and fears are either to do with the past and future? Either things you did in the past that you regret or you are creating fears based on things that have not even happened yet. This is how you get easily sucked into the illusion and ego.
The way to get yourself out of this is living in the Present, living in the now. That's why you see these affirmations that say:
I am beautiful, I am powerful, I am abundant.
You see, it's never I was happy or I will be beautiful, it is always in the present tense. That is how you manifest whatever you want in your life. When you only think about where you are right now, it's takes away all those useless and harmful thoughts, because you are not in the past or in the future, you are here right now. Think about those carefree and happy people, they don't care for the future they just know they are happy right now. And whatever you are right now, you will manifest in the future. You may think right now I have to be stressed so I can relax later in life, but then you get into the habit of being stressed then when work finishes, you are still stressed and you do not know how to relax. That is because you are so used to the feeling of being stressed, it becomes your comfort zone, we've all felt this, when we had exams, we would cram and be stressed then when all exams are done, we are still in the space of shock and stress that we suddenly feel guilty for not being stressful anymore.

Focus on the now. If right now you are happy, you will always be happy. One of my favourite affirmation for living in the now is:
In the infinity of life where I am, All is perfect, whole and completely. And so it is.

When you say these words, you sending to the universe that everything in your world is perfect, so everything will come in place for you in your life, there's no pressure, no stress because you trust the universe will provide all that you need. Because God is the Universe.
Remember I said God made everything perfectly at the right timing, trusting that you will get what you need with Divine Timing, is being one with God.

Also the affirmation:

'I am' is you and the second 'I am' is God, by saying I am that I am, you are accepting the true part of yourself that is God. You are one with God, You are one with the universe. You are one with all the exists. Once you say these words, part of you will feel accepted and at peace, it's the heart being at ease because you have finally found home.


Trusting in yourself and in the universe and your guides can take some time to do.
I know because I've been through it, when I didn't get the job/university I wanted, that brought up a lot of feelings of unworthiness, fear of the future, feeling of disappointment. But I learned that I had to trust, I had to trust in my angels and the universe that they will guided me in the right direction. And they did. Trusting is the hardest but the most rewarding thing you will do.

Connect to the Heart

Like I said the more you work on the heart, the more you will be able to hear the voice of your soul and higher self. This is the only voice that is true, that will make you truly happy.
The heart heals all that needs healing, listening to the frequency for the heart will automatically heal what needs healing specifically for you. Your heart and soul knows best.

Here is everything on the heart, go and heal your beautiful hearts. :)

Heal your Crown Chakra

Like your heart sends love to your whole body and allows you to live in the space of love (the space of God). Healing and opening the crown chakra, allows you to create a deep connection with God, the deities and Enlightened beings and Angels. Through this you will see and experience the miracles. Ultimately, for this chakra to be completely opened you have to work on all other chakras and this one will open naturally.

The crown chakra allows you to enter the highest state of consciousness (the highest is God). This brings the left and right brain into balance. When this chakra is healed, you feel connected to all creation, you become an instrument of love. You are wise, without being judgemental. You will move beyond fear and into trust and faith. You will be living in pure joy and bliss.

How to heal the crown chakra

  • The colour of this chakra is white / gold / purple, so any crystal of these colours will work on this chakra. For e.g. selenite, clear quartz, amethyst
  • Using essential oils: Frankincense, Jasmine
  • Use one of the crystals for the crown chakra and talk to your crystal and ask it to heal and open your crown chakra and at night, place it near your head before going to sleep.
  • Learn to meditate, give your brain a rest, just like a body needs rest, so does your brain. Learn to do yoga, tai chi etc.
  • Work on healing all the other chakras
  • Deep breaths. Deep breathing exercise helps to relax not only the muscle but also the brain, it allows for more blood and oxygen to be send to the brain, to allow for more relaxation.
  • Give yourselves a little head massage, again for relaxation.
  • Use some incense, waft it around your body to clear your aura.
  • Bring the colour of white, purple and gold into your life. Wear white clothes, white/purple/gold nails etc.
  • The mantra for this chakra is AH (that's why you are shocked or something goes wrong you go ahhh! because it's a natural cry for God lol)
  • Listen to the frequency for this chakra

See God is not something to be scared of, God is literally you, God is in your soul. You are God and God is You. As you learn through this life, God learns to. All your beautiful parts are God, you are only God, everything else is an illusion. Every beautiful thing you see, experience, feel and think, that is God. God has nothing but the purest of love for you, and even when people still blame him/her, she/he still loves you. Don't ignore that part of you because only you are only hurting yourselves. There's no such thing as letting God down or upsetting or disappointing God remember God is only love and light. The reason you clicked on this article is because part of you wants to be closer to God, who doesn't? He/she is everything wonderful! Love Yourself and Love Everyone. Be happy and Bring happiness to all that you meet.