So today April starts and as we all know April is Kind of the first month your pretty sure the weather gets more springish and I hope you are all as excited as I am!

So my dear Followers I just wanted to side note that you are the toatal best and I am grateful to have you guys and also I want you to text me if something lies on your heart and you have no one to talk to you know!

So waht is this article even about you are asking it is just must haves, to dos, and more basically and if you want me to do some of These for wvery month tell me guys!


- New Music
For me it is just important to always get some new Music in that just Kind of pulls you out of the winter sleep

- Jean jacket
Fashion essential for spring number one a Jeans jacket because duh they are jean jackets they are soo beautiful but still do your Thing!

- Plants
So with the spring new flowers and plants come into our life and it is just so beautifull to put new ones in your room!

- make over
So as cher from clueless would say makeovers are an all time essential and I don't mean cutting your hair but giving yourself a good Treatment with shaving and doing your eyebrows just Little Things make you feel great!

- new shoes
This is not a complete must have but my old nikes are ruined so I got new shoes and if you Need it get it!

What to do

- hiking
- reading
- Fitness Goals (work on that summer Body or leave it no one cares actually! Everybody how he wants you know?!)
-Bullet journaling
- enjoying nature
- Long walks
- Meeting friends
- meditate
- cooking
- baking

I want to try all those Things this month and yeah basically that was it for todays article also here is my last one

I hope you liked it leave me a heart or something you know what i mean so love and smooches,