1. There is no time.
You can’t tell when you will forget your ex. It will go all by itself. There is no expiration date. Take your time. You have the right to feel the pain. It hurts. But that’s good. You are alive. You have feelings. Maybe he doesn’t care or he used you as a toy, maybe it is easy for him because he used you. Maybe he feels powerful because he did that. I hope he feels proud of what he did. I think sometimes it is like you have the right to feel bad but just for one week. It takes time. Take it.

2. Don’t try to impress him

The biggest error I still do is that I want to impress him. Sometimes, I do things just to impress him. I do not want to get him back but I have the will to make him regret his decision. I became obsessive with my look but now, I am better with that. I don’t care about what he is thinking about me. He can tell that I am ugly now, that I have swelled (even tough I don’t but that’s not the point). I do not care. Like really. One boy’s opinion does not define who you are. You and only you can. This is the ultimate type of freedom, not caring what others people will say about you.

3. Don’t become a new person, but a better version of yourself

You are single again. You are in front of yourself. Just you and yourself. You can do whatever the fuck you want, be friend with whoever you want. You can cut have that new hairstyle you wanted to try but your boyfriend didn’t want you to change. You do not want to please him anymore. Now, you can please yourself. You can start new things, new activites. You can start cooking, or doing more sport, listening to good music while painting and enjoy your own company. Because the best friend you can have is yourself. You are the only person who will be there to stand you out, everytime you fall. Celebrate your rise ! Personally, I filled my life with so many new things. I became healthy, I learned how to cook and started eating healthy and learned how to take care of my beautiful body. I tried new sports like yoga, swimming or running. And I became a bigger artist with painting, drawing or writing a lot. That kind of experience helps you to be inspired. I cut my hair, to stress the new page I turned in my life. I have always had long hair my whole life. I cuti t and my new life began.

4. Enjoy your new life

We always tend to always look in the past. Maybe you have good memories. But remember that we tend to only think about the good moments when we look at your old pictures. But it was hard too. Maybe you can think that this was your hardest love and that nobody will love you again. But how foolish of you it is to think that you already had your hardest love The best is coming. Life is an adventure and don’t be afraid to start again alone.

5. Don’t be competitive

He wasn’t perfect. Maybe he seems happier than you. Maybe he will find a new girl. Maybe she will be prettier. But she won’t be you. Because you are unique and irreplacable. You don’t share the same road anymore with him. This is not a competition. Do your own things, grow. And having a new girlfriend or boyfriend doesn’t make you a better person.

6. Don’t underestimate yourself

You have been dumped. Maybe you think that it is because you weren’t enough. Two people can be wonderful but sometimes it does not work. That’s the point. Two perfect people can sometimes not be compatible. If he gave up, he wasn’t enough for you. You deserve better. Maybe you do not believe. Sometimes I do not believe in that myself.

7. Don’t rush

They say that people who believe in fate are people that do not want to be responsible for their future. But I do believe that there is an exception for love. You can go out every night partying and trying your best for meeting new people but meeting love can not be planned. Or at least meeting a pure love. Do not rush into a worst relationship just to say « I can find someone new ». Of course you can find someone new. But personally I prefer being alone than having bad company. Don’t rush into a new story because you are afraid to be alone.

8. Don’t have negative thoughts about being single

Being single is so cool. Being in a relationship is also cool too. I mean, aren’t like all those couples boring as hell ? Life is funnier alone ! You do not have to be accountable to anybody. You don’t relate to anybody. You are free. You can be young and be strong by your own. Being able to be independant and without any need to be accompanied by anybody. You are not his princess anymore but now you are your own queen. Or better, you are now a fucking rock star so rock it !

9. Don’t be so hard on yourself

Work hard, keep going but don’t forget to congratulate yourself ! You have been trough all this shit and you are still the beautiful person you are. He hasn’t been able to change you.

10. Don’t let your ex change the way you would have act

Learn from your mistakes. Maybe it is the hardest part because sometimes there is no reason to break up. Sometimes he just says « I don’t love you anymore » or he decides to not giving you the reasons of this break up and you stay there, without knowing what you did wrong. Sometimes, boys are just stupid and childish. Altough you think you can change that, you can not. You are not a rehabilitation center for bad boys. If you obviously did something wrong, learn from that. But don’t become heartless if your error was to give all your love to him. Don’t let you ex change the way you are. Do not compare all your future partners to him. Every relationship will be different and unique. Appreciate that. Don’t search the same relationship. Don’t be afraid to give yourself again, once you are sure. Not every boy will break your heart. If you are not sure about somebody, don’t feel guilty to refuse to protect your heart.