hi, my name is eva and im a sleepy and shy person, and i really like music. my last playlist post got some loveee so i decided to make another, but with a twist-- this is not my original idea, i saw some other accounts do this (so credits to those people) but i thought it was a fun idea. so, without further ado, this is: choose an aesthetic, get a playlist <3

so this is how it works: there are 3 rows, each have four pictures, if you choose picture number 1 the most, the first playlist is the one for you. if you choose picture number 2 the most, playlist number 2 is the way to go :), and so on...

pink, aesthetic, and peach image fashion, outfit, and style image supreme, vans, and lacoste image fashion, outfit, and aesthetic image
・゚✧ choose a picture ・゚✧
fashion, pink, and tumblr image fashion, outfit, and aesthetic image fashion, outfit, and blue image fashion, style, and 90s image
・゚✧ choose a picture ・゚✧
fashion, girl, and korean image fashion, style, and outfit image yellow, fashion, and outfit image Temporarily removed
・゚✧ choose a picture ・゚✧

・゚✧ playlists ・゚✧

if you chose #1 most: https://open.spotify.com/user/22pg2j7fqx64vkh67zejb3wai/playlist/4nBXgeV8XQKh9RLuwpzzpy?si=w-fukgKuTw-r_XDNCqBHlA

if you chose #2 most: https://open.spotify.com/user/22pg2j7fqx64vkh67zejb3wai/playlist/5q4XSiKRpXIdCkyjdOUi6V?si=8Nfe8MebTD6uxckuRKHdYw

if you chose #3 most: https://open.spotify.com/user/22pg2j7fqx64vkh67zejb3wai/playlist/6p4boWbeuwtouHNFIORmSL?si=E4vDUojNQmGIgrY61bZtfQ

if you chose #4 most: https://open.spotify.com/user/22pg2j7fqx64vkh67zejb3wai/playlist/7it8frfWhnEPxL0WwRJ1nL?si=383P8b8US1SXTCLKV0byuA

my spotify: