I kept seeing these 30 days writing challenge articles and I got curious. So, I searched for it here on WHI and I found the person who started this and I learned more about this challenge.

It is started by themermaidwriter

and here is her article on how to start the 30 days writing challenge:

I saw the topics for each day and I thought this might be fun! Without further ado, here's my 1st day...

Day 1: Explain the meaning of your name

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My name is Trixie Marie, as written on my display name above. My name doesn't have a really personal meaning. My aunt just thought that the name Trixie sounds good and my mom likes it and they just added Marie (lol). So, I'm going to dive into a more etymological meaning of my name.

According to nameberry.com, Trixie means "she who brings happiness". It comes from Latin and it is a standard nickname for Beatrix. Its funny how my name matches my personality. To my family and friends, I am the one who frequently makes them laugh. Whenever I'm around, there's always laughter and an air of joy. I like being the bringer of happiness to people. It warms me up to see and hear them laugh and to know that they are happy in my presence.

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On the other hand, Marie means "bitter". It is a French variation of Mary, which is Hebrew. Well, that escalated quickly. From happiness to bitter. But I gotta admit, I am a bit bitter. But, I'm compensating it with being happy. Its just the reality of life, you can't be happy all the time. And sometimes, those who make people laugh, are the ones who are hurting inside.

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That's all for day 1! Thanks for reading! Tune in for day 2!

remember to smile