1. Nickname and age
My nickname is Maggie, even if it doesn't look or sound like my real name. I'm 18 and legal in Canada!!

2. The meaning behind my username
Queen because, well, duh and M for Maggie.

3. When did I join weheartit and why
The first picture I ever liked on weheartit was in 2013 (woh). I joined because I was bored and it had become quite popular at my school to have a weheartit account, so I created one and jumped on the bandwagon.

4. My closest online friend
Her name is Haley Fiona (I only call her Fiona) and we started talking on our It tumblr accounts. We've been talking ever since.

5. Someone from online I'd date
An actual online celebrity I'd date would probably have to be either Christian Akridge or Zane Hijazi.

6. My relationship with my parents
I have the chance of having a great relationship with my parents and I love them so much and owe them everything.

7. My current relationship status
I'm single but I'm currently talking to a guy who's pretty darn cute.

8. What I find attractive in other people
Humor, height, share similar interest, caring, and open-minded.

9. Turn-ons
Over 6 foot, share his music taste, humor, shows that he cares, artsy side, good listener, good style.

10. Turn offs
only talks about himself, smokes, fuckboy's qualities, talks too much anime (personal PTSD).

11. Idea of a perfect date
late night drive around town, looking at stars and listening to music, preferably ending at McDonald's with some chicken nuggets.

12. Someone I miss
My grandpa ♥︎

13. Someone I love
Lots of people; my best friends, my friends, my mom, my dad, my brother, my whole family, actors I stan, youtubers, etc.

14. My best friend
My best friend's name is Sarah, she's a tiny bit older than me, we have known each other for soon to be 12 years now. She's literally my sister and her family is my second family. We lowkey hate each other like siblings but deep down we know we care too much for one another. I love her lots even if sometimes I don't know how to show it.

15. A photo of myself
My profile pic is me :)

16. Zodiac sign
I'm a Pisces, which I think represents me pretty accurately.

17. Tattoos and piercings
I don't have either of them; my ears closed because of a lack of wearing earrings because I'm allergic to a metal. I do want to get tattoos in the near future, and if I can, I want to try to get a tattoo everywhere I travel.

18. Color of my socks
I ain't wearing any right now.

19. How I feel right now
I feel tired because of school, smh.

20. What did I do yesterday
Went to school with 2 hours of sleep in my system, had class from 8 AM to 6 PM, came home, ate a hamburger, fell asleep at 7 PM and didn't wake up until the next day. Oopsi I guess

21. Something I'm talented at
Not much, but I'm quite flexible and strong so I would say gymnastics/dance.

22. Something I really, really want
I badly want a Samoyed dog or a Golden retriever.

23. Something I fantasize about
Moving to New York, or even just going back. Actually, just traveling the whole world.

24. Something that's currently worrying me
The fact that I'm almost done watching Gossip Girl, but I don't want it to end.

25. Something that's constantly on my mind
The shows I'm watching, my cats, food.

26. Three things that annoy me easily
Slow walkers, people who constantly try to get the teacher's attention and when I'm looking for something and can't find it while I'm in a rush.

27. Three fears
Dept of water and oceans, sharks and losing my best friend.

28. Three things I love
My cats, entertainment, and my relationships.

29. Three habits I have
Bitting my nails, tearing paper and other random things in tiny pieces, always playing it something with my hands.

30. Three things that upset me
Donald Trump, seeing edits of people who passed away and when I have homework to do.

31. Three things that make me happy
Memes, food, and shows.

32. My favorite bloggers/YouTubers
shane dawson, jenna marbles, david dobrik and tana mongeau.

33. My favorite stores
h&m, any thrift store, unban outfitters and brandy melville.

34. My favorite food/s
shishtaouks, chicken pot pie, chicken burritos, pizza, and poutine.

35. My favorite movie/s
clueless, the edge of seventeen, ferris bueller's, the art of getting by and lol (usa).

36. My favorite band/s and artist/s
lana del rey, rex orange county, xxxtentacion, lil peep, sleeping at last, sales, milk and bone, post malone, cuco and billie eilish.

37. My favorite song/s
off to the races by lana del rey, angels by the xx, television by rex orange county, feels like we only go backwards by tame impala, lo que siento by cuco, chasing cars by snow patrol and skin by xxxtentacion.

38. Last song I listened to
bloom later by jesse rutherford.

39. My favorite holiday
definitely halloween.

40. My favorite animal/s
cats, elephants, sloths, polar bears, and seals.

41. My pets
I own two cats, cowboy and timine, which is two boy's name yet they're both girls.

42. My job
currently looking for one.

43. My future goals
traveling a lot and be english elementary teacher (I live close to mostly french based cities).

44. Number of kids I want
4 or 5 would be my ideal and I would like to have boy, girl, girl, boy and then another girl.

45. A confession
I have 4,40$ in my bank account right now.

46. One thing I lied about

47. An embarrassing moment
we went to mc donalds with my friends after a party, we were quite drunk but one of my friend was really drunk. 4 of us were sitting on a table while the others were on another one. she, the drunkest of all, asked my other friend for a bite of her snack wrap. my friend said "no" as a joke and the drunk girl banged her hand on the table so fricken loud. Mind you, even if it was late, the restaurant was full of people who all looked towards us. I was hidden under the table from embarrassment.

48. Do I smoke/drink
I don't smoke but I drink more than I should.

49. Celebrity crush/es
Right now, I'm really in love with Nick Robinson, Ansel Elgort has always been one attractive piece of men, Heath Ledger is the perfect men despite his troubled mind and micheal b jordan is just wow.

50. Urban or rural
I'm a city girl, so clearly urban.