Maybe iam not the good girl that you want me To be
But i still don't care about what you think of me
Cuz i cant see anything in you
you're Just a mess
When all you care about is the way iam dressed
And don't even ask " who are you trying to impress? "
Cus I wanna scream loud
I wanna tell the whole world
Who I wanna be
Iam not you .. iam not her . Iam only me
So please keep your words for yourself
yeah woman are not a half

And if you wanna talk to me about the way iam supposet to be
You know where you will find me
life isn't that much fear
But baby yeah "on the top " you will find me over there
I have feelings too
Iam more than just " somebody "
So how could I love you
When all you see is just my body
And what if iam not into
Phone cells call ?
What if I like to only play football?
What if am not into relationship
What if my heart is important
He ain't ship
So I don't wanna give it to bad boys
iam sure I will be hurt
He'll find another girl
And I Will be left on the dirt
I wanna scream loud
I wanna tell the world who iam
I don't want my heart to be broken
I don't wanna cry at 3am
I wanna be me and this something
I forget to mention
I will live and love my self
and I am not looking for your attention
You can't control me because iam not yours
you will find it selfish
but baby i won't play this role
iam a strong girl and iam not your doll
So please leave me and close that door
Cus Short dresses. Short shorts or
long ones
This my own life . Not anyone's
And guess what !! I wear my high heels too
Because it's up to me not to you
Whenever I stand on the mirror
I love me more . Cus I see things clearer
I will always give kisses and hand to myself
And will scream loud " women up "
we're not a half
Now . Iam sorry hater you've lost the game
And it's hard because there's no one to blame
This is such a shame
I love me so hard.. i love the way i talk
Everyone stare cus I slay when I walk
I adore the way iam dress
It's not my problem if you always get impressed
And I am in love with my own body
Because its my job to love me
Ain't the job of nobody
I will always be me . I don't wanna change like somebody
I will shut the whole wide world now
I will scream high so they can hear my sound
I will tell all the girls how to love their self
"Women up " we more then just a half

again i wanna thank u all for the support and love
this song is made for all the girls specially the ones that are feeling insecure or miss their confident for any reason
sing it louder GIRL YOU ARE NOT ALONE and you are always WORTH IT
iam waiting for ur messages and if anyone feeling insecure or sad about anything just text me i will make sure to help you