imagine you are rock climbing. there is a horrible thunderstorm going on, the huge drops of rain hit your eyes as you're climbing. the thunder rumbles, shaking the whole rock mountain. you slowly start to see small boulders coming down the mountain, and out of no where, a huge boulder hits you. you fall off of the mountain, where you climbed about 600 feet. as you're falling, the wind builds up. it's now going 75 mph. you think, "this could be my last seconds alive. i need to save myself." you realize you cannot move. you are in a frozen position, as if a statue. you take deep breaths. you know you can't do anything. you know you are going to die today. you start questioning your existence. the wind keeps building up and up. you are falling faster than ever. you finally fall into the deep, dark ocean. you try everything you can to get back up on the surface, but the drops of rain make it seem as the ocean is getting deeper and deeper. you let go of everything. you let go of your breath, your muscles. you let go of your whole existence. you can no longer see who and what you love. it feels like the sweet and cheerful person you once were is forever gone. you may feel this, but you are only sitting quietly in your room, typing up a huge article of what you truly feel. that is what depression feels like.