What a beautiful body is and what it should look like differs greatly from person to person. Understand that there is no definition or picture that will determine a beautiful body. To me, a beautiful body is one that I feel healthy, confident and free in, one that allows me to do all the activities I wish throughout the day, one in which I can ware all the lustrous cloth I love and one I think "I love you so much, you are beautiful and thank you for being mine♡" when I look at myself in the mirror.

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★ Tips by Abraham Hicks

  • Give more attention to what you prefer than to what is.
  • It´s normal to be very aware of your body since it´s with you all the time. You see it when you look at yourself in the mirror and in pictures and you hear what other people say about you, and if these things make you unhappy try giving less attention to what is and more attention to what you want.
  • It would be so much better for you if you let how you feel be the criteria. How you feel is a more important criteria than what is "true". It´s good to feel good and it IS good to feel good. ↠ so give more attention to what feels good .
  • Looking for a product, a diet, an exercise program, something external to make you feel better won't help you because you are acknowledging that your well being isn't natural, and your well being is natural. You don't need something material to feel the way you want to.
  • Be relaxed , relieved and allow wellness.
  • Words don't matter if you don't feel it.
  • Let it be.
  • All that belief is a thought that you keep thinking, its a ironic thought
  • I can expect things to change because I know things differently than before.
  • I´m allowing my well being, my flexibility, mi endurance, my strength.
  • Feel the difference between saying, "it´s getting better and it´s not getting better"
  • Allow yourself to feel RELIEF. Don't look for the substance that will bring it, look for what will make you FEEL good and relieved.
  • Relief comes when you stop the struggle, when you find the thought and action that makes you feel better, when you release tension, when you stop dragging your heals, when you let go.
  • If you think,"I have something that I don't have, I have been trying for a long time, I don't know which way to turn, this is too hard, other people can do it and have it but I can't, its taking a long time" ↬ this is less relief.
  • If you think, "I appreciate my body, there are so many aspects about me that I love, im getting the hang of this, I feel the inspiration every now and then, im figuring it out, I am getting into balance, I´m seeing evidence in many areas of my life, there is a picture of me in wellness, I´ve found alignment, I can feel the cels of by body working with me, I feel I know what I´m doing, I like the idea of this, how fun it is to see my body transformation into the image I have of it

♒︎ Allowing offers no resistance, its free of criteria and judgment, its what you call, "go with the flow" ♒︎ So just do that: go with the flow. Enjoy your life, your every day, your every hour and every minute. Stop criticizing yourself, judging yourself and comparing yourself and start LOVING AND APPRECIATING every minuscule aspect of your being and see how things in your life start to shift and you begin to enjoy life more every day. Enjoy going out with your friends, enjoy hearing the birds singing at twilight, enjoy wearing the outfits you love, enjoy working out or doing the sport you love the most. Feel confident to talk to the boy you like, to go to a party dressed how you wish, to walk with your head held high through school and the street, and most importantly, ENJOY YOURSELF AND FEEL CONFIDENT ♡

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☽ One thing that helped me was thinking that there is always more than one solution to a problem. As easy as it is to find a complicated and hard solution it is to find an easy, simple and effortless solution. So find the solution with gives you the results you want.

☾ Here´s the video I got the info from if you want to check it out. Abraham Hicks is a spiritual master, so if you are into this topic and you believe in these things you should probably look her up.