For those who didn't read my last article, I set goals for self that i want to achieve within a year. Each month i will set some Monthly goals to help me achieve the " big ones". If you still don't get it you can read it in the last article.

This is the first month of doing it so there I don't have my results from last months goals so lets just get in the this months goals.

1. drink two liter water a day.

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everywhere I read that drinking water makes a huge difference. It may seem like a easy goal but i'm a really bad drinker and i always forget it. later this month i will make an article about some of my tips for drinking more water, i already found some really handy ones.

2. apply for a new study.

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One of my problems are that I procrastinate way to much. The same goes for aplying for a study. it stresses me out and than I don't do it and I and up with even more stress. so I need to do this.

3. take better care of my teeth.

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Again something I forget to do way to much, its really bad and gross so i need to do better.

4. take more pictures.

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last year I did a lot of photography, I even made an Instagram account for it, but when school started i kinda forgot about it. So I want to invest more time in it. ( btw the zebra one is mine )

5. make internet friends.

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So yeah the picture is pretty clear so here are some facts about me. I'm a 18 year old girl from The Netherlands. I love reading and watching tv shows/movies ( almost every genre except horror.) I'm a bit awkward at times. I think thats it for now if you have any other questions please tell me.

Well that is about it for this months goals. I hope you liked it and I will keep you guys updated.

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x Nora