Hey and Welcome. This is the first article of the 30 Day Get To Know Me Challenge. I might put out several a day and some days without so it might not be 30 days. But I hope you enjoy and make sure to give it a like and a follow.

20 Facts About Me

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1. I love movies and series and have always had an interest in movie making and process.
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2. My favorite sports are Hockey and Badminton.
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3. I love dogs and animals.
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4. I listen to music almost every day
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5. I have a big interest in fashion.
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6. I love Disney and other so-called "kid movie" companies.
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7. Mark Harmon and Matthew Lillard are two of my biggest role models.
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8. I have watched almost all Scooby Doo more than 10 times.
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9. I have a big interest in decor and decorating.
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10. I love stuffed animals.
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11. My room always ends up messy.
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12. Cuddling is one of my favorite things.
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13. I have MANY celebrity crushes.
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14. I often have a hard time sleeping.
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15. I love photography.
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16. I love rain, it's just so cozy and calming.
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17. I love landscapes.
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18. I have started/finished/seen a big part of 40+ series.
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19. I would love to dye my hair purple.
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20. I find astrology very interesting and cool.