I'm well aware that I've posted a "Get To Know Me" article,but i thought of doing this tag as well cause why not?I found this tag on @angelaeht's feed and I'm giving it a try.So let's get right into it :)



When were you born?

6th January 2001

Where are you from?


Favorite drink:

I'm currently loving iced green tea.Trust me,it's so good!

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Favorite food:

I mostly eat snacks-doughnuts,cookies,pastries.Other than that,I mostly go for Indian and Italian cuisine.

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Countries you have visited:

Singapore,Thailand,Vietnam,China and Australia.

Favorite holiday destination?

I can't really pick a holiday destination because I don't mind visiting any part of the world.As long as it's a holiday/vacation,I'm down for it!

Favorite sport?


Dog or cat person?

Dog person obviously.However,i do not have a pet dog which is so sad :(

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Eye colour:


Favorite colour?


Favorite music genre?

I can't chose one because my taste of music keeps changing from time to time.I could be all R&B on Spotify today but in two days time,I might be obsessing over classic playlists.

Favorite artist?

Recently,I've been listening to a lot of Clean Bandit,Harry Styles and Maroon 5.

Favorite movie:

(And if you've not watched it,OMG..please add it into your movie bucket list ASAP)

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Favorite subject?

I don't have one.

Favorite TV shows:

Teen Wolf.
Dylan O'Brien is literally the cutest!!

That is all i have for you guys for now.Thank you for taking your time to read :)
I genuinely appreciate it.Till next time ^^
Love y'all XOXO

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