Why is it so hard for You to understand that I'm growing and I'm changing? Why can't you just let me be who I am? Or at least let me find the real me. You have never been there for me. You know? You were never someone I could talk to or reach a help from. You were just a stranger for me my whole life. You probably don't see it that way. But, I do. You never stand by me, you never knew my secrets, you never knew what I was going through. You were just there, watching me. Oh, sorry you didn't even do that. You never spoke to me like I wished you would. You were never there for me when I was going through some dark times and mostly you were the cause of that dark times. You didn't hear my cries when I was lonely in the nights trying to figure this life out. You never knew who I really was. And you never even try to get to know me. But, why are you suddenly trying to ruin my life? I mean, you have always been doing that. Can you stop now? I think I've had enough. I am grown now. I want to be responsible for my mistakes, I wanna do wrong things so that I could learn to never repeat them. I want to.... LIVE. Why is it so hard for you to understand that? Why ? Once, when you realize that it'll be too late. I will be gone. Far away from you and this thing you call life. It's not life when you don't get a chance to explore things and come out of your comfort zone.I'm telling you again... just let me.... LIVE.

by me