Hey guys! So this is my first article, let alone my first post on "We Heart It" so I hope you enjoy it.


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I love 13 Reasons Why (not the show) and speak both books are really enjoyable.


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Burlesque, Crazy Stupid Love, Attack the Block, and Twilight are my top 4 favorite movies


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There is more to this list but i love all of these shows <3


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I love all colors of the rainbow


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I think most people like the typical cat and dog (I mean I LOVE cats), but I also love sharks and otters.


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Ok so this outfit doesn't go together but this is my style (and not my everyday look) I like flare pants and a matching top but I love christian louboutin


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~I hope this can sum up everything about me. TThank you for taking the time to read this. <<33