I found this tag on @tillymm ´s feed and I though i´d do it so you could get to know me a little better


thea hagalid

When were you born?

28th August 2002

Where are you from?


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Where were you born

bergen, Norway

Favorite drink

water or iced coffee

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Favorite food

everything mexican and italian

what countries have you visited

sweden, denmark, finland, germany, france, portugal, spain, italy, cyprus, croatia, poland, canada, usa, thailand, laos, cuba, england, scotland and the netherlands

I love traveling!

Favorite holiday destination?

so hard to pick, but maybe Thailand, Cuba, Italy and the usa

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Favorite sport?

dancing! I´ve been dancing since I was 5 and I love it

dog or cat person?

I have a dog named Rosa, so i´m definitely a dog person

eye colour

dark blue

favorite colour?

rose gold/dusty rose, white and black, even though white and black technically doesn´t count as a colour

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Favorite music genre?

I listen to a lot of different genres, but most of my favorites are pop songs

Favorite artist?

jb, ariana grande, khalid and benjamin ingrosso

Favorite movie

Lovestruck, legally blonde and mean girls

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Favorite actor/actress

cole sprouse

Favorite place to visit often?

london. I´ve been to London once a year the last six years

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Favorite subject?

I´m not a big fan of school, but probably english or history

Least favorite subject?

maths and science

Favorite season?

definitely summer! I love summer so much. I love the summer weather and feeling. I always make the best memories in the summer

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Favorite tv shows

gossip girl, the vampire diaries and riverdale

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that´s it! If you have any more questions or you wanna talk to me, just message me