henlo, this is my first weheartit article so it's probs gonna suck but anyway...this is just a list of my favourite kpop groups that i think deserve more attention. ps, i'm not going to proof read this so if theres spelling mistakes, ignore them

second picture in the collage is my bias and the fourth picture is my bias wrecker,

welcome to my ted talk:

the rose

Inspiring Image on We Heart It the rose and woosung image kpop, the rose, and kim woosung image the rose, jaehyung, and fark image
bias: woosung bias wrecker: jaehyeong please please please support the rose, theyre a band and really do deserve more fame. woosung has such a beautiful voice, i want him to sing me to sleep every night. they jus debuted and only have two songs out at the moment, please support them.


bobby, Ikon, and jinhwan image Temporarily removed Ikon, bobby, and DK image Ikon, june, and junhoe image
bias: bobby bias wrecker: june their new album return (buy it on iTunes) is one of the best albums I've heard. more people need to listen to them. i love them all so much and deserve more success, listen to ikon.

-stray kids

Image by -:♡:- felix, kpop, and stray kids image JYP, kpop, and stray kids image stray kids and kpop image
bias: felix and jisung (i cant chose lol) bias wrecker: hyunjin stray kids debuted on the 25th of march 2018 so they are new, please show them support they really deserve it. i am so proud of stray kids, especially bang chan bc he has been a trainee for 7 years, so this debut is a big deal for him. also watch their show, 'stray kids' it's only like 10 episodes and you can really see how hard they worked to debut as 9 member group.

-wanna one

Image removed wanna one and seongwoo image boomerang, wannaone, and ipromiseyou image daniel, jihoon, and jisung image
bias: daehwi and seungwoo _bias wrecker: daniel, woojin, gaulin idk what to say about them, just they are cute, funny boys and are full of talent. pls stan


k-pop and pentagon image kino, kpop, and pentagon image pentagon, e'dawn, and kpop image pentagon, edawn, and kpop image
bias: kino and hongseok bias wrecker: everyone i only just started stanning them, so idk the members well enough to distinguish between them (I only know what e'dawn looks like), I just know that kino and hongseok have beautiful voices and their song violet is so so so good, i listen to it everyday. their voices are so beautiful I'm gonna pay them to sing at my funeral so that i can literally rest in peace. do yourself a favour and listen to them.

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-nct 2018

nct dream, jisung, and nct image lucas, nct, and lq image yestoday, nct, and taeyong image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
bias: jungwoo, lucas, taeyong bias wrecker: chenle, jaehyung, jisung ok so nct has 18 members and their concept is hard quickly explain, i might do an article explaining nct 2018 depending how much time i have, but nct 2018 is serving me with new music and music videos this year and i am a grateful for that.

ok that's the end of this long article, i doubt anyone actually made it to the end but idc, i was bored and had fun making this.
ok thank you, please stan these talents men *drops mic* (btw, I stan other groups, I just think these groups need more recognition)