(some/most days I don't really feel cute. i try not to think about the absurdity of the need to look cute but some things that help me out are in this list)

☆shaving my legs
☆cake flavoured perfume
☆wearing all black
☆cleaning up my eyebrows
☆hydrating face masks
☆oversized hoodies
☆taking all my piercings out, cleaning them, cleaning the jewelry, & putting them back in
☆styling my hair
☆cutting out toxic humans who have ever directly commented on my weight, appearance or generally just actively tried to make me feel less-than (big factor) (if they want to stay in your life they better be good to you)
☆buffing my nails
☆wear something you feel extra cute in (for me this means glitter)
☆monitor your self talk (kindof boring and done-before but I rly think it helps to just.. try to think of other things other than the things that make you sad & sadder. trying to be nicer to myself after a lifetime of self-deprication)