Hello lovelies!

Spring is finally here!!! The weather is getting warmer in my city so I decided to start using a more colorful and warm makeup everyday style with lots of blush. Here I give you some of my personal faves.
Please keep in mind that my skin is super pale (like vampire pale bruh) so some of you might not really like the colors on your skin.

5. Lancome La Rôse Blush Poudrer (Limited Edition)

Actually, my mom got this beautiful blush that is a powder sprinkled on a pink rose. I got to try it since I borrowed it (lol stole it to be exact) and it looks GORGEOUS, with a baby pinkish tone. Sadly this product is discontinued but I really hope that there is a nice dupe out there...

makeup, pink, and rose image

4. Estee Lauder Pure Color EnvySculpting Blush

I used the color pink tease and girl I have to say....It stayed on my face the whole day! The powder feels really light on the face and a little goes a long way. As most of the blushes in this list it can also be used as an eyeshadow or combine it with some lip balm and put it on your lips 💋

beauty, blush, and estee lauder image

3. MAC Powder Blush Duo / Love Token

A Powder Blush duo that features a soft warm pink and light pale peach shade in the most beautiful package that makes you feel like a princess. Lasts for more than 5 hours and if you are as pale as me, it makes you look more alive...

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2.Givenchy Le Prisme Blush

Now this one feels like gold powder on your cheeks. Pigmented and long lasting, it's worth the $$$ and it can also be used as a low key highlighter because of its sheer texture.

YSL and nars image

1. Too Faced Sweethearts Blush

This is my newest buy to say the truth. Too faced made me fall in love with both the color and the packaging of this blush. As I mentioned before, my skin is very pale so it's hard for me to find a blush that it's visible but not making a high contrast on my face (thumbs up if ya know the struggle girl). I use the shade Peach Beach and it creates a natural looking color on my cheeks without making me look like Heidi (very old animation, google it and laugh).

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These are the best (so far) blushes that I've tried. I hope you guys liked the article and hopefully you found a blush that you'd like to try!!!
See ya around!