sometimes I feel tired, specific kind of tired.. ghostlike and ingenuine; I cannot stave off these feelings but sometimes, in unexpected places, i feel good again.

☆things that make me feel better☆ ~~for times when you feel dead inside~*~

☆submerging in a deep hot bath
☆walking somewhere new, where you can see many rooftops
☆walking drunk through the aquarium with warm music in big comfy headphones
☆soft, comfy hidey clothes
☆not speaking just because the crushing social pressures command me to
☆not smiling in pictures
☆not feigning happiness just because its the *normal thing to do*~
☆glitter eyeliner
☆eating lots & lots of strawberries
☆puppies on the street
☆taking all my piercings out, cleaning them, and putting them back in (so shiny)