Today I will share with you all the best characters to me from different shows.

Lydia Martin.

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No. It's not because we have the same name. Lydia Martin is one of the strongest female characters. She is smart, elegant and sarcastic and I love it.

Aria Montgomery.

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Aria is pretty, brave, an independent woman and has her only style that defines her. I totally love her personality.

Klaus Mikaelson.

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The villain that we all fell in love. Do I need say anything else? Klaus has this black humor, the seductive smile and this gorgeous accent that we love.

Brooke Maddox.

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The ironic and honest Barbie. Brooke is the owner of Scream TV serie, for sure.

Stiles Stilinski.

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The funniest character of teen wolf. Stiles is the BEST of the show, let's agree.

Alex Parrish.

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I love girlpower character, you can see it in this article and Alex is the best to representative this. She is strong, loyal and she never give up, she fights till the end.

So, I chose only a few characters, because If I put all that I love in this article It would be too big. But If you guys want me to continuous just say so. I would love to do a part 2.
I hope you like it. See you all in the next article.