Well, March is over and nothing really happened. Like seriously. Nothing. Sure, there were some things, but just small things. Not worth talking about. The main thing is, that I was actually happy this month. Most of the time I was a happy girl jumping around because I was around so many great people. This internship at united pop is just the biggest thing so far in my life. It teaches me so much and I have learned so many things even though I am only 6 weeks into this internship. It felt like about half a year but it was just 6 weeks. The internship is really making me happy. I don't have much time left for other things but that's okay and actually not the worst thing because I concentrate on my internship more than on this stupid dumb ass I slept with the last two months. I don't even miss him anymore. It's like I don't even care about him anymore. Look at what a month can change. I am not sad about it. I'm feeling good about everything. I am pretty much proud of myself for changing. Proud of my loyalty to myself. I stay loyal to myself. If I change, I change. And it's always for good and for myself. If someone don't like who I have become, it's not my business. Proud and loyal. That's what I am. I think people always change. There is no stadium when they don't. It's a never ending process. You get to know new people and go on adventures and learn so much through out different experiences. Every little thing changes you in some way. For good. Every mistake we make, every way we go, every moment we chase. All those things define us in the end of the day. We are who we are, because of every decision we make. And I made the decision to be happy. Actually we make those decisions subconscious. It's not like we really make those kind of decisions conscious. It's more like the universe makes those kind of decisions for us. And I made some of these new experiences. Every month I learn new things and I grow up a little bit more. It's awesome to see how much a person can change and grow in such less time. I am so grateful for this internship at United Pop. Having such creative people around me and working with them every day gives me so much of trust in myself and makes me believe in my hopes and dreams again. It's like I took a step into another world. A creative world, where everything is possible.