hello lovely hearters and welcome to my first article! ♡
I was highly debating what my first article should be - maybe a few facts about myself? or the this or that challenge? - and came to the conclusion that I'd telling you about the things I love. personally i think it's a good way of introducing myself and my personality to you guys.

♡ my family

family family

I have no idea where I would be without my family and the endless love and support they give me, regardless of little arguments here and there. I love them unconditionally.

♡ my darling

bath boyfriend

him. I have so much to say about my boyfriend; my love for him is indescribable and no one could ever make me feel the way he does. we've been together for over a year now and I just love him more and more everyday. I know I may be slightly too young to say this, but I truly believe he may be the one.

♡ travelling

italy beauty

nothing can replace the feeling I get when visiting new places and meeting its people. it's absolutely magical. i find different cultures so interesting and plan to go to many more places in the future. (speaking of which) something else which I cannot wait for is my trip to Mojacar with my boo this summer after my exams.

♡ vintage music

Superthumb music

I love all sorts of music - from hip hop, garage and RnB to rock, indie, and pop - however one of my most favourite types of music is songs from older eras, like the 50's, 60's, - most of the 1900's really. It just has so much character, I could go on about it for days. I think this is probably why I enjoy Lana Del Rey's music so much.

♡ flowers

Superthumb aesthetic

I absolutely love flowers. I think they're so beautiful and delicate. I can always be cheered up with a bouquet of some pretty roses.

oh darling
oh darling
and that's it for my lovely list! the list of the things which make me the happiest. I'm sure I've missed out plenty of other things which should be on here: I have the worst memory. so perhaps pt.2 might be released soon? who knows. i have many ideas for future articles, which will probably be slightly more interesting than this one (hopefully) aaaanyways, thank you for reading this article, make sure to check out my hearts and collections for more ♡