oh boy...pet peeves.
we all have them, some annoyingly so. let's see if i can pick my top three:

1. clutter

clutter, life, and minimalism image
clutter makes me more anxious than almost anything. everything in my house has a place and i cannot stand it when things are disorganized. sometimes i cant relax until ive tidied up. but the same goes for life, if my head is cluttered i cant focus, and i am just not at my best.

2. ignorance

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i absolutely cannot handle when someone is uninformed about a topic but still feels the need to talk about it. please inform yourself. there is nothing wrong with staying silent if you are unsure about something. to me it is better to be quite then speaking up about something you just no nothing about.

3. men

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this isnt a battle of the sexes thing. i just work with about a dozen or more grown men that drive me crazy daily. on good days its like having a bunch of big brothers that would do anything for me, but more often than not they are all just a bunch of big fat babies that need me to do everything for them.