« Beloved by you, I can be happy in any situation and can struggle with every embarrasment of fortune with patience and firmness. » Alexander Hamilton to Elizabeth Schuyler
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Recently I started to be obsessed with Hamilton history, but more especially with his love story. I am a great romantic in love with lovers of the past. According to me, the most beautiful love stories take place from the 18th century until the end of the 19th century.

So, of course, I couldn't resist with a book that includes a love story with Hamilton and which take place during the second part of the 18th century.

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« And suddenly, I'm helpless »

Synopsis of the characters

Elizabeth Schuyler is the middle daughter, as clever as her oldest sister and as beautiful as her youngest. She the most sensible and more interested in books than fashion.

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Alexander Hamilton is a soldier who studied military history and tactics on his own. He became a captain of Artillery in 1776 and joins Washington's staff the next year.

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November 1777. Both at their twenties, the young Eliza and Alexander Hamilton meet each other for the first time, during a winter ball.

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« Alex seemed about to say something more, but the dance called. »

And here begin the love story.

  • Alex & Eliza, A Love Story by Melissa De La Cruz