The year 2018 has brought us some quite unexpected fashion trends,and its about to get better!This season colors,textures and statement pieces are taking over the fashion world.

Denim has definately made its way back on the runway this year, in all of its diffent washes.Jackets,skirts and jeans,dark or light can be worn night and day.

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The denim on denim look has started to gather a lot af attention.

Colors have been very underrated the past years,but now its time to rock them.Reds,blues,yellows and pinks are very in right now and are being embraced by a lot of designers on catwalks.

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Floral print is back and it is everywhere! With hints of vintage and retro aesthetics it brings back the 20s girly style.

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Sunglasses have always been in style.Currently small sunglasses in different colors and shapes are very trendy giving us 90s vibes.

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Graphic Tees, especially retro ones, have found their way onto this years catwalks in many different styles,channeling 80s aesthetics.

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