This is the last article about types of boys and girls in editions, so I hope you liked all editions and found yourself in one of them.


alex turner, arctic monkeys, and black image

Vigorous, behaves protectively to his girlfriend or just his friend, loves movie nights and hang-outs, likes pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, wears comfortable clothes but anyway looks hot, very gentle and careful, has expressed jaw and can make sexy eye-contact, likes house parties.


stjepan hauser, 2cellos, and 2 cellos image

Cute, smart, enjoys the silence and peace, always tries to take some time for his family, intelligent, loves books, loves to rest in nature, kind, prefers solemn occasions more than fun parties, likes to dance and eat cakes.


eminem, slim shady, and rap image

Wears hoodies, smokes cigarettes, swears a lot, likes hang-out with friends on the street, likes skateboarding, goes late in a bed, comfortable with everyone, tells best jokes and makes fun of himself, friends loves him very much.


90's, black and white, and James Hetfield image

Sometimes aggressive, harsh, speaks loudly, strong, drinks beer, careless, protective, sloppy, honest, grumpy, mostly keeps his feelings deep in himself, actually very emotional, his family puts at first place.

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