heya, im back! dunno when i'll get to post an article again, so thought imma finish it now! :)


be it dance, singing, photography or art. channelize your energy to create with all your passion. make people remember you for the stuff you do. here are some ways of getting your work recognized:

✽a hobby related instagram/facebook/tumblr page
✽teamwork and collaborating with other people
✽joining clubs and entering contests
✽starting a youtube channel. be sure to ask your parents first.

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my daily skincare routine involves washing my face with a mild facewash and applying moisturizer. On the days im at home, i apply olive oil to my face. it works wonders for my skin, and my lips as well. a good alternative is coconut oil. watch out tho, it might clog your pores.
exfoliate once a week, dont forget to scrub your lips and apply chapstick.
Applying castor oil or petroleum jelly to your lashes makes them grow longer. make sure to cleanse your face with a mild toner

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if you feel good about your outfit, you feel uplifted and confident. Invest in clothes you can actually wear. develop your own style and aesthetic instead of following trends which may or may not look good on you. Here a few things to begin with (these are totally optional)

✿ a basic black/white tee

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✿ a denim jacket to throw over a dress or outfit

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✿ basic/mom/ripped/boyfriend jeans

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✿a button up tee. there are hundreds of tutorials on how to style one

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✿sneakers (white/any colour)

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✿ballet flats, pencil heels, mules etc.

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again. totally optional. a little makeup that enhances your features will be great. stay tuned to know my everyday makeup routine ♡