Hi hearters, today I bring you this really cool article series that consist in saying what are the "basics" on a festive (like christmas,halloween,new year,etc ) collection and how to make aesthetically and achieve to catch all the vibes.I hope you enjoy it.
Today festive collection is easter

animal, bunny, and cute image Temporarily removed
bunnies, lots of them 🐇💜
easter, eggs, and spring image spotted, 🎨, and 🎀 image
Easter eggs obviously
flowers, pink, and aesthetic image pastel, pink, and blue image
soft pastel colors, are going to be the primary colors of your collection
Chick, Chicken, and easter image animal and chicks image
baby chickens, because everyone loves baby animals
dog, flowers, and animal image flowers, pink, and house image
flowers an sunny days, thats how you cover the spring vibes