Hey everybody,welcome back to another article.Today i am writing about the definition of a true friend/best friend.I decided to write about this topic,because i know that the majority of the people sruggle with fake friends.So,let's get start it!!


There is no better thing than trust.Everybody needs a friend who is trustful.No matter what can happen a true friend will never take the lid off your secrets!! A friendship should be supported by trust.

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Respect is one more important quality that a friend should have.Everyone should respect each other without taking on account of religion,skin colour or their outward appearance.Remember that we are all special and unique just the way we are.

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A true friend should encourage you to achieve your goals and ambitions.He/she should be happy when you are happy.When you are sad you should be able to share your sadness with your friend and know that he/she will always be there for you!!

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A true friend always listens to you when you are happy,sad,excited about your future.Hard times will always reveal true friends.

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If you are not honest with your friend then your friendship will end.Being honest is the biggest quality a friend can have.Always tell the truth and try to be nice with other people too.

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I hope you like this article,See you next time wiht a brand new article until then live your life to the fullest and be happy!!!