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  • Reach 100K Followers

I am now at 4.4K followers.

I havent been on WHI lately but this is sure to come in the next few days.

  • Become a Heartist

I've been posting pictures and also now videos that I love on WHI.


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  • Get Straight A’s

I started campus about a month ago and so far I've been keeping up to completing all my assignments.

  • Get a Bursary for My Follow Up Year

This will only happen if I get straight A's this year.

  • Intern for Elle Magazine

I will be applying soon once my university gives me my internship forms. So unfortunately I have to wait for that.


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  • Start a YouTube Channel

I will be uploading by April!!

  • Get More Personal Online

_I have been using twitter a lot for this. Follow me on @alana_mae_m if you'd like!_

  • Reach 100k Followers on all Social Platforms

I am still working on this one.


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  • Eat Healthier

I haven't been sticking to this as much as I should've since my times on campus are from 6:30am and I only get home around 5pm but I am still finding a new way of working around this.

  • Workout Everyday (x2 a day)

I haven't been working out at all lately. Which is really bad!! I know.

  • Drink More Water

Surprisingly I have been drinking tons of water which is really good!


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  • Journal Everyday

This has made me grow so much as a person and I can't wait to share my own journal prompts with you!

  • Engage in morning rituals

I have also been keeping up to this a lot.

  • Do More Meditation

I haven't really gotten the hang of this yet but I am still trying. If you know any helpful meditation apps, send a postcard my way please!

  • Visualise more often

I actually have forgotten about visualization as one of my goals but I will be sure to do this more often.


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  • Become more secure about myself

I am still honestly working on this. It isn't about looks for me, its more about my personality flaws which I find is very important to deal with as a person.

  • Love myself unconditionally

I am really starting to see this develop in my life and realize it is okay to be alone.

  • Be more self-aware

I am really feeling this lately through journaling.


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  • Start my Blog

I have started my blog and I will be sure to introduced it to you in a post all about it. If you're wondering where all my time has been going you will soon see!!

  • Make Money

I am still working on this.


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  • Get an apartment

I've been writing down price lists about things I will need and how to budget living on my own.

  • Move to a different city

I will soon enough once I am done studying.

  • Get my own car

Soon to come!


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My reading list has changed from the last time which is okay. The point of this was to read more.

  • Mastery

I have started reading this and its so brilliant.

  • Big Magic

Ordered and currently still to be delivered!

  • Milk & Honey

Ordered and currently still to be delivered!


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Make good friends

I am quiet surprised at how many people I have overlooked in my life that are now such great friends of mine. It amazes me that I never spoke to them before.

Get a best friend

I really don't believe in this concept since I have so many amazing friends now that have inspired me to grow as a creator and also in my career and focus on being there for myself.

Have more WHI friends

I have such a great support system on WHI and many friends.


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  • Find my soulmate

I mentioned in my last log that I'd found him but recently I feel like this shouldn't be goal. The goal should be to find myself first and secure myself before I do it for someone else.


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  • Pray more often

I have been questioning myself lately on the concept of God but I will further let you guys know about this in my next log.

  • Read my bible more

Same as above.

  • Spend more time in bible study

Same as above.


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  • Watch the news everyday

I have been keeping up to date with my surroundings.

  • Be more Informed

Same as above.

  • Be more social and make friends

Done and done!

  • Learn more about photography

I am still working on this.

That's it for now! I will update you on my Goals again for March!! Please remember I have time limits on my goals and its only been three months into the year. I am still working on achieving my yearly goals. I wanted to do this to inspire people to work towards something great! I hope I've done my job!!

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I hope you loved this article and will join my on my little adventure!!

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