I hope that whoever is reading this is not a reposter, but if you are, please read this!

First of all, what is reposting? Many of you may not know, and some of you might know but decide to be an inconsiderate person and do it anyways. Reposting (especially with fan art) is when you take a drawing made by someone, and uploaded it onto the internet as if you were the creator (without giving credit to the original artist).

Whenever I enter this site I see a lot of stolen art work, because that is what reposting is: STEALING!


Artists create these beautiful drawings for us, and for FREE! Some people think that since they’re good at it, it only takes them about 5 minutes to do it. But even if that were true, it doesn’t justify it. “But we are giving you exposer, we are showing the world you art” WRONG

What you are doing is hurting the artist, nothing more. I have friends on tumblr that draw for fun, and some people have even left fandoms and stopped doing something they loved because of reposters. Some people even make money from stealing creations from artists and selling them as their own on the internet.

It's disgusting

Now, if you have DIRECT permission from the actual artist to upload their art with credit, then go ahead! But first ask, and if they say no, don’t whine, it’s their decision. So don’t sulk or get upset because they said no, just accept it.

Many artists have suffered because of this, and it has to stop. NOW

You can help, if you see any reposted images, report it! Or talk to the user and convince them to stop doing it.

Thank you for reading, if you have any questions, message me