Hello hearters! And a big happy easter from me to you.

Also, if you are reading this then my title must have appealed to you, PROM! In my country, my prom is in 2 months and I am so excited. So I decided to share some gorgeous prom dress ideas here to get you all excited and inspired, especially if you haven't got you're dress yet! Enjoy

1) N U D E

dress, fashion, and style image Temporarily removed dress, fashion, and style image black, dress, and Nude image

2) T W O P E I C E

Image removed fashion, dress, and style image dress, prom dress red, and prom dress two piece image Temporarily removed

3) R E D / B U R G U N D Y

Image removed dress, red, and fashion image Image removed Image removed

4) G O L D

beautiful, beauty, and clothes image ball, beautiful, and brunette image dress, gold, and Prom image fashion, dress, and style image

5) B L A C K

dress, fashion, and black image Temporarily removed dress, style, and outfit image dress, black, and style image


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That's it hearters! Thank you for reading and I hope now that you have some prom inspiration and are in the mood for prom season! I know I can't wait!!! Don't forgot to leave a heart, have a beautiful day! <3