There is a boy, I will call him Ethan for the article. He will probably never find this but I want to give him another name, maybe to relativate... Anyway

There is a boy named Ethan, I met him 6 months ago at a birthday party. It was a little party we were like 25 persons but I knew only 6 of them at that moment. Only 2 of those were friends. I wasn't really feeling at my place because everybody was talking to someone, about things I had never heard of. So it was cool but I wasn't really in the mood.UNTIL the last guest arrived, about 1 hour late haha I didn't even know he was coming I never saw him before. So he came and said hello to everyone I first found him cute and funny. Since he was there, the mood was way better.
So I don't know how but Ethan overthrowed beer on his pants so we went upstairs with a common friend (the host) to make his pants dry. I don't really know why but we stayed upstairs at 3 in a room and we had fun,we laughed, we told about our respective lives and than we went back downstairs. We ate, we dance, we drank, we left the house to buy bottles at the night and day shop, we had fun all along and without knowing it I left my real friends to stay with Ethan.

We didn't left eachother the whole night and we made massages with the same common friend for hours x). We fell asleep next to eachother and spent the night at 2 in a bed, at 3 in a room.
Since that we met again and talked a lot, we didn't stop texting, almost everyday.


Love beautiful things,
Enjoy them,