I smile when I see you with her
I smile when you kiss her
I smile when you tell me how beautiful and incredible she is
I just fake a smile when you watch her like she is the only girl on the Earth
Who would believe that a smile can hide a milions tears?
I've smiled so many times before that I can't feel the pain anymore because I got used to it
I say that I am happy for you when I actually burn and scream inside
My heart is made pieces
Time is the worst enemy of people
Runs fast and never comes back
Rain drops fall dangerously from sky
Fall upon my skin and heal my deep wounds
I close my eyes and I see you far away
The moon is our whitness
You get closer and closer to me
Untill all around freeze
Silence, just silence
Only the sound of our hearts beating fast resounds
The time counts like a madman
When you look at me like I would be her
And suddenly I open my eyes
The reality hits me right in the heart like a knife
Cause I will never be her
And ''we'' don't exist
There are only me and that wretched glass of wine that makes me forget you even for a night
Don't worry, I'm fine. I will always be