"Write about a first time."

To be honest, I don't have many first times that hold a dear significance to me. Or, they do, but they aren't things that I can put into words. Like the first time going out with friends who drove instead of going with their parents. That was mind boggling! We could just hit up the mall without our folks? Or my first kiss and anything romantic. My first time buying something with my debit card, feeling like a real adult. All of these things are so cool, but I could only write a sentence or two about each.

I guess a really interesting one would be my first time being measured for a bra. My grandma had taken my measurements when I was younger and come up with a 36 C (I'm American if that means anything). That was just after starting puberty and buying ugly kmart bras. They made me feel unattractive and really didn't fit correctly, but it wasn't as if my mom would take me shopping, so having my old fashioned grandmother pick things out was the best option I had.

Then, one of my adopted family members who I just call my sister, brought over a bunch of old clothes. She was a 36 C, and had some Victoria's Secret bras that she never wore. Finally, a bra that made me feel confident! It fit pretty strangely, but at least I felt human in it.

Then, one fine day at fourteen years old, my friends and I spent the day at the mall. The joke was that I always had an abnormally large bust, so they convinced me to go get measured in Victoria's Secret. So I did. And I came out to be a 34 C-D, not a 36 C. So I had been wearing a band for years that was way too large! For a bunch of girls just budding, my friends were all shocked. They had a's and b's, and never let me live it down. That summer, I bought a new bra that actually fit in a heathered gray, and it changed my life forever. I was more confident and comfortable at all times.

My body changed a little bit from time to time, but changed a ton this past summer. My hips widened, my butt grew, and even my boobs shot out further, but my band size shrunk. I'm now a 32 DD!

So yes, one of the best first experiences I ever had was measuring for a bra.