I don't know if it is a good idea to tell about that on here but let's try.

Last friday there was a party, a HUGE party with at least 1000 tickets selled. I met all my friends, my whole school was there.There were also planty of strangers but everyone was on the average 17 yo.

So I went to that party with my best friends and it went to a unexpected way when we met a guy that was alone. He certainly came with his friends but mine had to go to the bathroom so we stayed together, Arthur and me , the stranger and me.

We talked sitting on a banch waiting for the others to come back, he told me his personal problems and I found that sad. We shared beers without knowing that 10min later it would be kisses that we'd share. So once my friends came back, we went dancing again and it happened: we were taking a selfie and I was kissing him on his cheek for the pic and he turned himself and kissed me on my lips. It was my first kiss. It lasted at least 35 min, we were kissing with all the others around us that were dancing or taking pictures of us while laughing because we didn't know eachother.I found it magic, his touches were. It was late I had to leave with my friend to go back home and before I left he told me to make sure I added him on Facebook.

The day after, he added me on Facebook too and I sent him a short message on Messenger, he didn't open it. However he was connected, so I was angry I told him "why asking for my Facebook if you planned to ignore me". We're currently a week later and he didn't even opened my message so I deleted him on Facebook and in my head.

Maybe he was drunk but he didn't seem to be, I wasn't but maybe if I drank a little less I would have listen to my friend that stopped me in the middle of the kiss.

My first kiss was a failure, Arthur too.
Be careful girls

Sorry for my language, Im not a native speaker at all

Love beautiful things,
Enjoy them,