I got the idea from @nikiceeva

My name is Gabriela, in Hebrew, it means God's able-bodied one. It is a feminine version of Gabriel.

G | Goofy

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i goof a lot at home, at school, at public places, anywhere.

A | Academic

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growing in the Philippines, your parents want you to study hard and would go crazy if you got like A-. i'm not really intelligent but i spend most of my time studying acads.

B | Brave

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i absolutely love the movie. most people say that i'm too brave because i speak what's on my mind, try different adventures, and all that stuff.

R | Random

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i'm also known for being random, my head thinks of the most random and weird stuff. do you want to climb the statue of liberty naked with me?

I | Ignorant

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i dive in the pool without knowing that there are sharks and piranhas there waiting to eat me.

E | Elvish

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i am galadriel in real life

L | Lazy

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A | Adaptive

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i adapt very easily and i'm a fast learner but i don't get good at anything