Jack Savoretti

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Top songs: I'm Yours, Whiskey Tango, Catapult

I CANNOT recommend this man enough, his voice, the guitar, why he's not more famous is a mystery to me! I once watched him live in the pouring rain in Glasgow and it was one of the best experiences of my life.


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Top songs: Lanterns, Feather on the Clyde, 27

SO we all know that one song "Let her go" yeah? But did you ever give the rest of Mike's music a listen? Because if not, you have seriously missed out. Passenger is not only the king of acoustic guitar but, in my opinion, the king of covers too, "Love will tear us apart" being amongst these. So go give him a listen.


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Top songs: Hymnals, The Struggle, Waiting for You

I have loved this band since at least 2013/14 and still do to this day. Although this Folk band haven't released a ton of music yet they are definitely worth a listen, their new single 'Endless Summer' is a new bop that will definitely make you crave the summer sun.

My Spotify for more tunes: https://open.spotify.com/user/11131830621?si=IrD4EuVNQDyrJ330OaKk6w
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