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Decoupage is the art of decorating a surface with paper cut-outs. For this technique you'll need: napkins with beautiful design that you like, scissors, paintbrush, bowl and raw egg.
Crush the egg and put egg white (clear, white part of the egg liquid) in the bowl. We will use egg white as a natural glue. Take boiled eggs that you want to do decoupage technique on and use paintbrush to apply egg white on those eggs. Cut out parts of the napkins that you like the most and put them on eggs. When you finish with that, just apply egg white once more, now to the napkin covered eggs, and leave it to dry.

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This is pretty simple - boil eggs in egg dye that you've bought and then grab your paintbrush and watercolors and - paint whatever you want on your eggs! Let your imagination lead you.

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You can also put water and watercolors in the bowl and then egg into that to get real abstract artistic effect.

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Bling - Bling

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This is what I use the most when I'm decorating my Easter eggs. For this you need glue, brush, paper and glitter. Firstly, apply glue on boiled eggs with the brush. Then, sip your glitter on paper and roll the egg in that glitter. You can also simplify this and just buy glittery glue and paint the egg with it.

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Every year I decorate few Easter eggs for the people I love and on those eggs I write their names. So, for this, you'll just need to search the Internet for beautiful fonts and to buy permanent marker in the color you like, or you can use watercolor if you are precise enough.

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Before you boil your eggs, put those hair rubber bands (thin ones, that we never actually use for hair) on places you would like to have stripes on. Then, put the eggs carefully in the water, sip the egg dye that you want, and boil them. After it's done, wait for eggs to cool a little bit and then take off rubber bands. Voila!

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We all have old newspapers that we don't look at anymore, but don't want to throw them out anyway. But, we can use them for decorating Easter eggs. Prepare flour, water, bowl, scissors and those old newspapers that you've found. Mix water and flour in the bowl . Cut off little parts of text from newspapers and dip it in the mixture you've just made. Then, just put it around the egg (we've made natural glue again). Take off the rest of the mixture that's falling off the egg.

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All Dressed Up

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There are few ways of doing this:

1. There is this foil that you buy in the store that is used for dressing up the egg (I don't know how exactly it is called). You just put the foil around the cooked egg and than on spoon put it in boiling water for just few seconds.
2. You can cut off parts of old clothes and tie it around the egg.
3. If you know how to knit, you can do it around the egg and literally dress it up.
4. You can apply glue on the whole surface of the egg and then glue thread around it.

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Use all nail polish that you don't need anymore and paint the eggs with it. With this, you'll get trendy metallic look on your Easter eggs.

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This is the easiest one, just find pretty stickers and glue them on.

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This is the way of decorating eggs that my grandmother uses. It's traditional, complicated a little bit, but eggs look so beautiful. You'll need: plants (plant parts to be precise), scissors, old tights/ socks, thread and lots of onion shells. Pick up the plants that you want - clover, leaves, dandelion, herbs... Put the herb on the egg and put it inside of the old tights (so the herb doesn't fall off the egg), then tie the tight with the thread and cut off the rest. Do this for every egg you want to have plant on. Put onion shells in the pot where you usually boil Easter eggs and sort eggs with herbs on those onion shells. After that, pour the water and boil it for 20 minutes. When it's done, cut off the tight around the egg and take off the herb. What you get here is something like a natural sticker.

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Natural Dye

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If you maybe don't want to use egg dye from the store and want to dye them naturally instead, you can put natural ingredients in boiled water to get certain colors. Here's which colors you can get and from what:

• Yellow - chamomile and dandelion flowers, turmeric powder, lemon or orange peel, birch leaf;
• Orange - cayenne pepper, black onion shell;
• Red - beetroot juice (from can), frozen raspberries, blueberries, or blackberries, red onion shell, cranberry;
• Brown - walnut leaf and shell, common hop leaf, plum's tree bark, black onion shell, strong black coffee, black tea;
• Blue - blueberry juice, red cabbage leaves;
• Green - spinach leaves, stinging nettle;
• Burgundy - cantarion dried flowers.

After you're done with decorating your Easter eggs, wipe them with oil and they will look shiny, beautiful and ready for beautiful pictures. And for eating, too. :)

To everyone celebrating today - HAPPY EASTER! I hope you're all with your loved ones, having fun. 💖 💖 💖

As for me, my Easter is next week and I can't wait to start decorating my Easter eggs.