Hello everyone!! I hope you are all doing great! For today’s article, I decided to create a tag called the Imperfection Tag to give you guys some questions to think about and answer. I will tag a few people, but if you are interested, feel free to join! I would love to read your answers, so please tag your article with #ImperfectionTag or send me a postcard of it! (I will also leave the questions at the bottom in case you decide to do this and want to copy/paste.)

Without further ado, let’s begin!!

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1. What Is Your Definition Of Perfection?

To me, perfection doesn’t mean you have zero flaws or that everything goes as planned. It means accepting the fact that we don’t have control over certain things and learning how to move on from what we so desperately want. It means having the mindset of knowing you will have to be satisfied enough with what you have and continue improving, even if you know you will never reach the absolute best, because the only thing you can really do is try, try, and try again.

2. Do You Fear Perfection?

To be honest, yes, because when you achieve perfection, that’s when you know you can never get better at it. You’re just stuck at the same level, and there’s nowhere to go after perfecting whatever you are trying to do. It scares me to know that once we reach a certain limit (perfection), there is no moving forward and being even greater than you were before.

3. How Would You Imagine A Perfect World?

A perfect life doesn’t exist, but in my perspective, no one would be homeless or hungry. Everyone would be friendly to each other and happy 24/7. The world would be clean and every soul would find their true love. Every child would have their education taken care of and their dreams coming true. Of course, this is not the world we live in today, because yes, we are imperfect.

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4. Are You A Perfectionist?

I’d like it if everything went well, but I’m not actually a huge perfectionist. It’s okay if things get messy or if I mistakenly do something. I believe that things will work out the way they are supposed to, as long as you’re patient, so no, I’m not that big of a perfectionist.

5. Describe A Moment When Nothing Went As Planned

I had my school year really planned out last year; I knew I had to change from the year before, open up, make new friends... but everything i’d wished had happened never actually did. I was still a loner, I was quiet, I didn’t put my best foot forward, and although I regret doing that, I guess it changed me to what I believe now. I know I have to do better in the future, and make myself proud before anyone else.

6. What Is One Imperfection You Think You Have?

(I use the word think in this question because what you believe may be different from others.) I think my biggest imperfection would be my shyness because I am almost never the first one to make conversation. I don’t know how to talk to people and honestly, my social anxiety always takes over when I’m around people I’m not comfortable with.

7. What Is One Feature You Love About Yourself?

I will say I like my open-mindness because I’m always open to new ideas and perspectives. I understand that people think differently, which I believe is an important aspect to learn, and I’m glad that I can say I have it (or at least I think so lol).

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8. Your Thoughts On Perfection?

I think perfection ruins people, if I’m honest. It hurts everyone around you including yourself. If you are desperate for perfection to a certain extent, you will never feel satisfied with yourself, because you are working towards something that will never happen. I don’t think anyone should waste their energy on trying to obtain perfection, because I’m sure they will go hard on themselves over something so little (and useless).

9. When Do You Feel Perfect?

Even for a sliver of a moment, I think everyone has felt like they were perfect and the best, and me? I’m no exception. People who appreciate other people will feel perfect. Whenever I’m surrounded by the people I love (and the people that love me), it feels like I’m shining, and I just feel really good and like I’m perfect lol. It’s true that I’ve never maintained that feeling, but even for just a second it makes me happy that I am privileged enough to have these people in my life.

10. How Do You Accpect Imperfection?

To know that failure will eventually lead to success is the biggest thing I remember whenever I crave perfection. Perfection doesn’t exist, whether you want it to or not, so I think you just have too allow life to do what it’s supposed to do and move on from trying to achieve perfection. There are so many other wonderful things to do than dwell on being perfect, so don’t hate yourself if you don’t end up being perfect (because who even is?).

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That’s all I have for today’s article! I hope you liked this, and decide to write your own version.

If you would like to copy/paste the questions:

1. What Is Your Definition Of Perfection?
2. Do You Fear Perfection (why/why not)?
3. How Would You Imagine A Perfect World?
4. Are You A Perfectionist (why/why not)?
5. Describe A Moment When Nothing Went As Planned
6. What Is One Imperfection You Think You Have (why)? (physical OR emotional characteristic)
7. What Is One Feature You Love About Yourself (why)? (physical OR emotional characteristic)
8. Your Thoughts On Perfection?
9. When Do You Feel Perfect?
10. How Do You Accept Imperfection?

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