Hey, cuties!So in these new series,I will share with you how I think the Disney princesses will live now,their dreams,their career,their style...
So here is the story of the Mulan...

Key Words: Fighter, Loyal, Leader, Family, Brave
Once upon a time, there was a college girl ,Mulan, which dream was to become the ultimate girlboss.At a first glance,you could never tell that this girl had what it takes to become a future manager of a company.
She always had messy hair,no makeup on and her style was bold and edgy.Luckily for us,she had guts,stubborness and courage...
alternative, fashion, and oversized image
fashion, style, and black image converse, red, and aesthetic image
One of her college looks
Leather Jacket | Oversized Top | Black Jeans | Red Converse
One day her father had a terrible accident and the doctors said that he won't be able to work again.Her family insisted to have a marriage interview with the son of a family's friend.Mulan had no choice but to accept even though it was not what she wanted.
During the marriage interview when she was wearing a full face of makeup,glam clothes and was trying to behave in a way that was not herself,she realized this wasn't the path that she was destined for.
Lost in her thoughts,she messed up on the marriage meeting,she also had to thank her clumsiness for that.
She apologised to her family and promised them that she will find a way to help them by staying true to herself.She was really kind and caring for her family,she was determined to succeed.
Then one of the companies that she had appplied for a job sent her an email informing her that she was hired as a secretary/personal assistant.
Things were rough at the company,she had to adjust to the competitive environment of a company,the dress-code,the extra work after and her demanding boss.
She was hired as the personal assistant of the company's president, Li Shang, a young man who was extremely workaholic,disciplined and perfectionist.
At one of the meetings,the president asked the members and managers of the company for ideas about an upcoming campaign but noone could satisfy him.Mulan who was present,she thought of an idea but accidentally said it out loud.Everyone stared at her.One of the members said:
"Your opinion doesn't matter,what do you know anyway?"
The president stayed silent for a while and then he said to Mulan that if she was able to develop and present her idea on tomorrow's meeting,he will approve it.
blazer, boss, and chic image
asian, blouse, and girl image necklace, gold, and accessories image
Her outfit during her presentation
Pink Suit | Oversized Blouse | Vintage Jewelry
He was asking for the impossible.Mulan stayed awake all night working on her presentation,she was determined to succeed.
The next day,she managed to astonish everyone with her job including the president.
He was impressed by her passion,her spirit and her strong personality.
Mulan managed to become a manager because of her hard work.Now,she was working on different ideas and strategies with Li every day.They were coming closer and closer and it was no surprise that they fell in love with each other.
Even though,Li was a serious,desciplined guy,every time he wa looking at Mulan, he was overwhelmed with her bold,stubborn and free-spirited personality.
They were like the yin and the yang,so different but so needed to each other.
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fashion and jeans image asian, girl, and ulzzang image
Mulan's and Li's first date
Floral Kimono | Graphic Tee | Shorts | Converse | Red Lips
And they lived happily ever after... THE END.
a born leader ,that will always stay true to her path.
a fighter ,that will never give up.
a woman ,that will overcome the odds.
a GIRLBOSS ,that will achieve her goals.

I imagine Mulan as a strong,indipendent,ambitious woman that never gives up on her dreams.How do you imagine her?Feel free to send me a message or a postcard.Do you like the idea of these series?I will love to hear your feedback.That's all for today.See ya soon xixixi

DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional writer,but I tried to write my thoughts the best I could.I know that my storytelling is kinda weak!I am just obsessed with Disney princesses and I think each and everyone of them could be a role model of today.


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